Partial suits are regularly auctioned on Free registration is required to bid on items. All products can be commissioned, sold individually or as a set. Payment options include money orders or email money transfers.

Commissions are currently on hold.

Full Toonie Suits

Full fursuits include a head, hand paws, foot paws, tail (attached or detachable from the suit) and body suit. Full suits start at $1,500 for a solid color character with planitgrade legs. Digigrade leg suits start at $2,000.

Partial Toonie Suits

Partial suits include a head, hand paws, and tail. Partial suits start at $700 for a solid colour character and increase with complexity. Furry feet are NOT included in a partial but can be added on for an additional fee.

Ears, Paws, Tails & Feet

Fixed ears start at $15. Regular paws are $25 and poofy paws are $50. Basic tails are $50, fancy tails are priced individually. Basic feet are $100.


Digital artwork and traditional artwork start at $25 and increases depending on the background, the number of characters, and details. Reference sheets start at $60 and increase depending on the number of poses, head shots, and details. Custom suits purchased from Fun Fur All will receive a free reference sheet.